If your claim has been ‘struck out’, it means it has been dismissed by the court and you cannot take it any further. This could be because the court feels there are no grounds for bringing the claim (meaning they do not believe you have a case), the case is considered to be an abuse of court process, or you have failed to comply with a Practice Direction or protocol, or court ruling.

When a case is struck out, the judge will usually give a summary judgement (a short explanation) as to why the claimant or defendant has no chance of succeeding. If you are the claimant and your case is struck out in its entirety, you may be ordered to pay the defendant’s costs.

If your case has been struck out, you may want to seek legal advice to find out what the best course of action is. Although you are unlikely to get the strike out order overturned, you may be able to limit the damage to yourself.

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