What’s the purpose?

To fill the gap where it is simply uneconomic for solicitors to act for people. You get free procedural advice. We can arrange fixed price legal advice.

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Expert representation in court

As a result of our collaboration with Clerksroom Direct, we have access to a nationwide network of barristers who can represent you at any court in England and Wales.

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Documentation preparation ahead of court

In our experience, the better organised your papers, the smoother the presentation of your case. You do not want an irritated Judge who cannot seamlessly turn to the same page as you or your barrister. Or worse still, not find the same page at all.

We can therefore prepare a fully paginated electronic bundle for you to print out in readiness for your final hearing.

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Help centre

To access our library of information on navigating the Small Claims Court, click on the link below to our Help Centre.

Help centre

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  • Document preparation
  • Expert representation