‘Damages’ is a bit of legal jargon — it basically means the compensation you receive if you win your case. 

But be aware: this is not always in the form of money. The Judge will make an order, which is their decision on the outcome of your claim. This could result in something being replaced, or something being repaired. It may mean the Judge stops something from happening — an eviction from a rented property, for example. This is called an injunction.

If you do receive financial compensation, it will be decided by the Judge and may not be as much as you claimed for; it will be the amount the Judge believes you are entitled to under law. You also have to rely on the other side paying out that money, although you can apply to the court if you do not receive the sum you have been granted.

A financial remedy is the usual outcome. The court will send both parties a copy of the order via post.


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