You can lodge a small claim via HM Courts & Tribunals Service’s online court claim system. Make sure you have understood and complied with everything in the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct before lodging a claim in England and Wales. You should be aware that the system is different for lodging claims in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and the law may be different as well.

The process for lodging a small claim is designed to be straightforward, but you will want to check whether your claim is covered under the rules, and you should check the fees involved in lodging a claim with the County Court.You should also consider how likely it is that the defendant will be able to pay out if you win — there is little point in bringing a claim and winning if you don’t then have any way of getting your money back.

If you end up having to go to court as part of your claim, you may need assistance. This is how Small Claims Portal can help. Our barristers can guide you through the legal process, help to prepare the required court documents, and represent you on the day if you wish.

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