Like many things in life, things are easy when you know how and quite daunting when you do not.

We are here to provide you with resources to fill any gaps in your knowledge for using the small claim court, so you can help yourself, or ensure you get the professional help you need.

In broad terms the small claims portal is divided in two:

1. Self-help;

2. Getting professional help.


We have put a together a library of articles with guidance, tips, information and useful links to help you navigate the small claims court yourself.

You can find this information in the Free Resources section.

Professional Help

The small claims portal is not designed to give you legal advice.

If you need legal advice we can arrange this for you. 

It is better to obtain this advice before you embark on your small claims case but you can obtain this advice at any time up to the final hearing.

If you have reached the point of the final hearing and are in receipt of the court order with the date of your final hearing, we can help here too.

We can orgnised all you papers into a paginated bundle for use by you, your opponent and the judge at the final hearing. In addition we can arrange for a barrister to present your case.

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