Court finder - where to find any court in the England & Wales

Civil Procedure Rules - the rules which govern the procedures for civil court cases

The Small Claims Rules - this is Part 27 of the Civil Procedure Rules and proivides the rules specific to the small claims court

Claim Form - the form you will need to complete if you are not using the online claims portals

Court fees - a link to the government website which sets out the applicable court fees for your case

Money claim online - where you can start making your claim for money online

Possession claim online - where you can start you property possession claim online

How to apply for judgement in default - this is CPR 12 which provides the rules you must follow in order to obtain a judgement in default

Pre-action protocols - a link to all the pre-action protocols which govern how you should conduct your claim or defence before a case is issued in court

Court forms - all the court forms which can be used for the court proceedings

Guidance on directions - an explanation of what common phrases used in court orders mean

Directions questionnaire - the questionnaire to complete if the court has provisionally allocated your case to the small claims court

Court leaflets EX305 and EX306 - Useful Court leaflets on the different tracks

Court leaflet EX306 - guidance on claims allocated to the small claims track

Citizens advice bureau - somewhere you can get free legal advice

Government website about legal aid - a site to help see if you could be eligible for legal aid

Court guide to usual evidence - Appendix A to Practice Direction 27 sets out information and documentation that the court usually needs in particular types of cases

Webwiki - website rating and trustworthiness

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