If you are going to court, you can ask for your hearing to be listed at a court with the appropriate access facilities if you have a physical disability. The hearing is usually listed at your local county court, but it will be moved if there is a good enough reason. Alternatively, if both parties agree that the court can decide the claim without a hearing, this will probably be acknowledged and you will not need to go to court.

If you have difficulties in communicating orally, you may be allowed by the Judge to be accompanied by a family member or a McKenzie Friend. A McKenzie Friend is someone who supports a Litigant in Person at court. McKenzie Friends can offer support to any litigant so long as they do not have a lawyer. But be careful, some individuals offer their services for a fee, whereas others do not. You may wish to stick with a family member or friend, but if you decide to appoint a McKenzie Friend to help you, do your research into their credentials so that you can assure yourself that they can offer what you need and are legitimate.

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